Your operational playbook

Toperation turns handwritten checklists and manual management to a digital operational playbook, transforming the way you manage your physical business.

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Daily, weekly, monthly tasks and ongoing management.
With Toperation, businesses can easily map all their operational needs (daily tasks, supplier actions, regulatory requirements, outside services) and completely automize their management.

Toperation helps you take charge of your physical business, like never before.

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How does it


Getting started

Step 1 - Onboard your employees

Step 2 - Set up your playbook of missions, tasks & overall maintenance requirements.

Step 3 - Assign tasks to the right employees and communicate through a professional chat.

From this moment on, you can easily monitor the work itinerary of all employees, while each employee will receive their responsibilities for the day through our mobile app.  

Employee's end

Employees get a digital detailed schedule for the entire week so they know exactly what to do and what their missions are for the current shift and the entire week!

Manager's End

The managers can precisely track after all the missions in the business and know exactly whats done and whats not.

Manager's end contains details report about the employees progress. detailed view on the task's history and the ability to synch between all suppliers, employees and service providers.



Operational communication network

A unique project & task oriented organisational chat between HQ, management & employees.

Control and faults center

Real-time status overview of all tasks and operational aspects.

Regulation supervision

Monitoring of required regulation procedures, eliminating potential fines and regulatory damages.

A new company playbook

A script for each item and role in the business, completely eliminating employee dependency.

Great Operations Are The Key To True Success!

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