Toperation takes manual check-lists and task management to the digital age ! 

 Let TOPeration take your in-store task 
 management to the digital world! 

In-store operation work is a very complex process – from daily tasks like stocking goods and making the store look presentable to monthly tasks like equipment maintenance. Toperation is the easiest and most effective way to assign tasks to employees and make sure they really happen!


Working with Toperation guarantees that

 all operational needs are met and no task is forgotten. Using our software increase employee utilization by over 30% 

Gain a detailed, real-time picture of in-store execution 24/7 from anywhere in the world

Enforce quality standards to keep your store in TOP shape

Employee no-show?

Smart task allocation algorithm that ranks tasks' importance and allocates them to other employees

Toperation saved me over 100 employee hours in its first month

—  Supermarket Branch Manager, Tel-Aviv