As a retail store manager, you encounter countless problems in managing employees and tasks.

Toperation allows you to streamline task performance by easily allocating tasks to employees and monitoring execution

Manager Platform

Detailed view into employees’ task lists and execution reports

Detailed view of task history, supplier's and external service provider's billing reports and breakage history

24/7 monitoring ability

Employee Platform

Detailed daily task list that includes a clear schedule of regularly occurring tasks and additional variability occurring tasks as needed

hard-working employees would be able to finally receive the credit they deserve and show managers how much weight they pull around the store

Enable the employee to have the time and attention to deal with what’s truly important – helping customers

Detailed guidance and training for new employees and for every task

Additional Features

Automatic shift scheduling and work assignment

Breakage history monitoring

Complete labor cost monitoring and employee efficiency reports

Helps you create a powerful customer experience that will make them keep coming to your store rather than ordering online

Toperation saved me over 100 employee hours in its first month

—  Supermarket Branch Manager, Tel-Aviv

Increase employee utilization by


Decrease breakage and regulatory fines by up to


sales by