Why do I need TOPeration in my business ?

In-store operations is a very complex process – from daily tasks like stocking shelves and making the store look presentable to monthly tasks like equipment maintenance. Today, execution is 100% dependant on the ability of the store manager to remember everything at the right time. ​ Toperation created a smart task management platform that can map the full range of operational needs in a retail store and allocate those in the form of daily and weekly task lists to frontline employees.

What does our platform actually do ?

Our algorithm learns the operational needs of your business through a quick mapping of all permanent objects (e.g. Shelves, cash registers, lights etc.) in a short on-boarding process that requires nothing from you.

After the mapping process, the software will create a clear array of needs and functions in the business. Our smart task allocation will then help you allocate tasks to the relevant employees, creating an easy to follow task-list for each employee and for every day.

The manager platform shows the manager’s and employees’ full daily task-lists and includes the ability to monitor task execution and update new tasks at any given moment.

The manager platform also shows task history, supplier's and external service provider's billing reports and breakage history.

Employees using the platform see a detailed list of tasks for every shift and report the execution of every task.

How does it work ?

Our Map & Characterize technology and task allocation algorithm can deduce the entire operational needs of any retail store and allocate those as simple and timed tasks to each employee in the store. By connecting to online sales data we can remind your employees to restock a certain shelf at exactly the right time.

How will the platform help my employees?

The platform makes starting a shift and handling through it much easier helping the employee to focus on what’s important – customer service. It further creates a right order to the day implementing a standard work method among employees. In addition, hard-working employees would now be able to finally receive the credit they deserve and show managers how much weight they pull around the store.

Will I "work" for the software ?

No. It will work for you. After a short mapping process that only requires 1.5 hours from the manager, all of the employees will have a detailed task list for every shift that takes care of all store needs. You can simply monitor task executio and change task frequency if you’d like the store cleaner or the shelves restocked more frequently but even if you do nothing – each employee will receive a daily task list when they log in at the beginning of their shift.

How is TOPeration different from any other software in the field?

TOPeration is the only platform that manages the daily operations.

Unlike other software that manage specific parts of the business such as HR, shift scheduling or supply chain, TOPeration manages the full range of operational needs in the store.

Does the platform help me save money?

TOPeration’s platform makes daily operation work more efficient for every manager and employee in the store by creating a clear daily schedule that prevents you from forgetting the big and small parts of in-store operations. This also allows employees to have more free time and attention to help customers.

The platform helps stores create a uniform standard of operations and makes monitoring the work done in the store much easier. this help keep unexpected breakage costs and regulatory fines to a minimum.

In addition, on-boarding a new employee becomes effortless and costless. By using the platform, a new employee will instantly see and learn all of their tasks for any given shift.

Studies show that replacing a retail employee costs around $5000 in lost sales and time spent training the new employee, in businesses with high employee turnover, TOPeration gives you a critical edge.

How can TOPeration help me manage an employee no-show?

In the case of an employee that surprisingly doesn't show up to a day's work, our algorithm prioritizes the employee’s tasks and automatically allocates the important ones to other employees during the free time they have on their daily task list and according to their roles and abilities.